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Neil Young Rocks Seattle "With this old guitar…Doin’ what I do"

I watched Neil Young brings the WAMU Theatre down Tuesday night with two sets, one acoustic and one oh-so electric. The Seattle Times picks up the tune from the bridge when:

..anarchy broke out, three songs into the second of his two sets (the electric one), with fans spilling down in droves to the front of the stage, where they happily danced the night away...

I was among those clamoring for a closer spot than my $80 back-bench ticket would allow. It was certainly no anarchy, just a polite Pacific NorthWest stage-rush down the aisle. The ushers cleared it within minutes.

My heartfelt thanks to generous Row 8 ticket holders who paid $250 a piece and still let me in when the ushers swept by. What a show!

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