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It's been two full days now that I've had my Nokia N900.As I covered in yesterday's USAGE REPORT: My First 24-hours With the Nokia N900 the battery life lasted about 6 hours before I had to re-charge. That's seems to parallel the experience of other new owners, and the community has already identified some great ...continue reading "USAGE REPORT: 16 Tips for Prolonging Nokia N900 Battery Life"

The web has been chock full of coverage of the new Nokia N900, ranging from Out-Of-The-Box videos and feature-by-feature reviews to narrowly focused usage reports. So I thought to record my first 24 hours with the device, including impressions, configuration experience, usage tips, and whatever else emerged. This was written down in real time, and ...continue reading "USAGE REPORT: My First 24-hours With the Nokia N900"

In Da' Howz: Nokia N900 Finally arrives!, originally uploaded by digittante. After 4 attempts at ordering over 3 months from Nokia, Amazon, and Dell, I finally managed to get an N900 delivered today. It's been charging since lunch time, and now that my work day is almost done, I'm getting ready to turn it on ...continue reading "In Da’ Howz: Nokia N900 Finally arrives!"

httpv:// The awesome Nokia N900 just hit the Nokia USA online store less than an hour ago. This 3G phone follow-up to the popular N770 and  N810 Internet Tablets was scooped last month (by Engadget) passing FCC certification in the US with T-Mobile compatible 3G frequencies. Check the encyclopeidic for specs, but in short: ...continue reading "FIRST! I Bought a Nokia N900; Arrives this month!"

N900 Gets Wine, Windows Users are Awed! Soon it may start raining Windows applications on the N900! Yeah, the dearth of good apps/games on the platform has convinced a certain Damion Yates to get the Wine running on his N900. Windows applications and Wine! What’s the connection? Well, for the uninitiated, Wine is a program ...continue reading "READING for May 19, 2010"

The seven reasons why you should buy Nokia's N900 « The Prodigal Guide The N900 is the most powerful, most capable, mobile device on the market today. Full stop. Nothing comes close. It's a peerless internet browsing device that doesn't nanny you like the iPhone and offers you both the freedom to tinker ... Digest ...continue reading "Reading for April 20, 2010"

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