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'This could go on for 10 minutes or three hours,' warns Kiki Durain (Justin Bond) during the opening number of Friday night's Kiki & Herb show at On the Boards. For two acts and two encores this gorgeous road-weary performer and Herb (Kenny Melman) her 'trendy gay jew-tard' sidekick sing, belt, scream, wail, and seduce their way through a wide range of standards and 80's alterna-pop covers.

There's Kiki front and center, slurring like Joan Rivers while telling the audience about her good friend Princess Grace driving her car off a Monaco cliff out of boredom. There's Kiki by the piano, vamping through Tom Jones' Sex Bomb. There she is crawling from table top to table top demanding the audience 'lick my leg!'. There's Kiki reclining in the chair, asking the doctor performing her episiotomy for 'an extra stitch for Yasaweh,' the tender husband of her daughter Coco. Behind the piano, we see Herb, cheerfully raising his eyebrow and his glass at all her jokes. By the end of the first Act, there's Kiki passed out on the stage while Herb yells back at the hooting and hollering audience 'you should have killed her when you had the chance!'"