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After 3 years in Seattle, and this our 4th Seattle International Film Festival, I was determined to do it properly this time. In past years, we hadn’t grokked onto the SIFF thing until the final week, racing to see two, maybe three movies before the whole shebang ended. There was that strange Korean film at the Harvard. There was Torreros ’73 at the Egyptian. And there were a lot of film freaks who got there before us and took the best seats.

Kim Peterson, writing in today's SeattlePI, says:

"Microsoft hit the road again, testing the colors last December on focus groups in Japan, the United Kingdom and Texas. People felt the gray was wishy-washy and vague. Reaction to the white was extremely positive — particularly in Japan.

When people there were asked what company might have made the console, they guessed Sony or Apple. That thrilled Microsoft executives.

It was settled."

Dan Gilmor launches a San Francisco-based community journalism/blog called Bayosphere that is “…of, by, and for the Bay area…”. It’s built using an open-source CMS platform named Drupal, for which they’ve also posted an explanation for why they chose it. Daniel Rubin, a writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer launches Blinq, an Inquirer-backed blog. There’s also a Boston-based portal called Universal Hub.