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MONDAY: Pope gives the standard 2-weeks notice
TUESDAY: North Korea detonates their 3rd nuclear bomb
WEDNESDAY: LAPD extra-judicially fire-bombs one their own in a mountain cabin after he kills 4 others
THURSDAY: 2012 London Olympic hero Pistorius shoots his lover dead.
FRIDAY: After it's asteroid misses earth, a hitch-hiking meteor strikes shattering windows in Russia and injuring 1000 people.

The President's State of the Union Speech barely warrants a mention. Here's hoping next week is quieter?

A small asteroid, known as 2012 DA14, was expected to pass close to Earth later on Friday, NASA reported on its Web site. Aleksandr Y. Dudorov, a physicist at Chelyabinsk State University, said it was possible that the meteorite may have been flying alongside the asteroid.“What we witnessed today may have been the precursor of that asteroid,” said Mr. Dudorov in a telephone interview.

via Meteor Fragments Are Said to Rain Down on Siberia -