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(Left on the windshield)

Hi neighbor,

I was walking nearby tonight around 9pm when you:

  • Drove the wrong way up Clay Street
  • Pulled into oncoming traffic on 1st Avenue
  • Cut-off two lanes of traffic that had the right of way
  • Made an illegal u-turn
  • With your lights off

We all have rough days, and try shortcuts to get by. If you did, please pause next time and think about the responsibility you have to operate your car safely before starting it.

If you drive this way normally, please get better. You’re incredibly lucky the motorcyclist was able to stop in time, and that he was not driving a large truck.

Also, your concierge at Avenue One can confirm for you that Clay Street is one-way downhill, and might also be able to suggest parking places you can access more easily than by wrong-way driving.

Be well, and drive safe.

Your neighbor.