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[ UPDATE ] The N810 is now available on eBAY

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I'm selling a carefully cared for N810 purchased in February of this year. This community has been a tremendous resource for my learning about this device, so I'd prefer to sell it here than eBay.

I'm asking $225, payable by PayPal, for the N810 device itself, its original AC adapter, USB dongle and everything listed/photographed below. I'll ship anywhere in the US at no extra cost once PayPal payment received. PM me if you're interested.

via FS: N810 + Newest OS/Apps + 13Gb of chips + Free Shipping US: $225 - - Talk.

My Nokia N810 in its hand-made Moleskine-like flip-cover
My Nokia N810 in its hand-made Moleskine-like flip-cover

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