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Been playing the game almost one year, so still getting the hang of weapon/armor mods & loadouts. Mine left-to-right with what they're built for & shader used:

  • ARC - mobility, resilience, recovery + Mars Sunset
  • SOLAR - strength, recovery, resilience + Vanguard Unity
  • VOID - resilience, strength, recovery + Dreamtide Daybreak
  • STRAND - discipline, intellect, strength + Cerulean Divide
  • SEASON of the DEEP - variant of STRAND, power based on weapons used + Indigo Matrix
  • SEASON of the WITCH / WISH - variant of STRAND, power based on weapons used + Monochromatic

Adding gear list in the order of HELM, GAUNTLET, CHEST, GRIEVE, MARK:

  • ARC - Eternal Warrior, Noble Constant T2, Biosphere Explorer, Devastation Comples, Memory of Cayde
  • SOLOR - Mimetic Savior, Synthoceps, Retrograde TG2, Techeun's Ragalia, Memory of Cayde
  • VOID - Techeun's Regalia, Doom Fang Pauldron, Noble Constant T2, - Techeun's Ragalia, Memory of Cayde
  • Sot DEEP - Mask of the Quiet One, NPA Weir Walker for the rest
  • Sot WITCH / WISH - Khepri's Horn, Veiled Tithes for the rest.

I asked 's for 20 neologisms for 'one who dabbles in writing and art online'. This is the definition of 'digittante', the word I coined and trademarked for this site in 1998.

None of the suggested words are 'digittante', which perhaps means this site has not been used to train this language model. Yet. And as I've noted before, surely seem to be good forms of , but not so as or ...

Just imagine:

A set in the 18th century universe about two at battle on the high seas who settle their difference via . The actors are the characters: Captain versus Captain . Also starring Captain Jack Sparrow (#JonnyDepp) and his dad (#KeithRichards).