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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-08

  • is listening to Double Back by The Sugarman 3 (Sweet Spot) #
  • is listening to 02 - Eliza by Phish (A Picture Of Nectar) #
  • Han Solo, P.I. Is One Pitch-Perfect Mashup [Star Wars]: This Star Wars/Magnum P.I. mashup is great. Then you wat.. #
  • Search algorithms are editorial decisions: In my latest Guardian column, "Search is too important to leave to on.. #
  • Search algorithms are editorial decisions #
  • is listening to Hard, Ain't It Hard by The Kingston Trio (Live at the Crazy Horse) #
  • Khaan! The Greatest Syllable Ever Told:

    LA Weekly reviews the screening of a Daniel Martinico's 15-minute movi.. #

  • Lego DeLorean Is 100% Remote-Controlled Brick Awesomeness [Lego]: Dear Lego: You better make this remote-control.. #