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When A Large Dresser Filled With Old Sweaters Appears In The Sky…Spiders!

Maybe it's the Perseids?

I dreamt last night that a large old dresser appeared suspended in the sky near my house filled with every sweater I no longer possess. "I loved that, it was from GAP's '03 fall collection, bought in Providence, RI. And this grey one was medium-sized, they said it would stretch, but the wool was too densely compacted; it never fit right. And this green one was the first sweater-vest I wore tucked it into my pants..." All warm, fuzzy nostalgia until the glowing red-eyed alien spiders hidden within revealed their large selves and attacked. Then it was guns at dawn and green-bloodied mayhem until I vanquished them all with my army of old-sweater wearing duplicates.

Again, I think it was the Perseids...