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Tesla turns six today, and the future looks bright: theater camp, skate park, pizza party with friends, ukulele lessons, and (gulp!) next month a trip to Disneyland.

We’re especially excited about the ukulele lessons because the whole family is taking them together.

And the trip to Disneyland will be an epic, Joseph Campbell-inspired adventure. How so? Because Belle (from “Beauty & The Beast”) stops by tonight to hand-deliver a special invitation to Disneyland:

“A long time ago Beast asked Eldar and his Queen Evelyn, leaders of the Eagle Tribe, to fly over Disneyland and protect all who live there. But with time and age, Eldar & Evelyn flew less and less, until finally they didn’t fly at all. Then they turned to wood and stone. Disneyland needs you, your courage and your laughter, to find Eldar & Evelyn and encourage them to fly again for us all! Will you accept this adventure?”

There are in fact two eagles statues obscured at Disneyland, so hopefully we’ll find them!

Cue The Beatles!